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IXLSNames interface

Unit: xlsnames
A collection of all the defined name objects in the IXLSworkbook or IXLSWorksheet. Each IXLSName interface represents a defined name for a range of cells.


Use the IXLSWorkbook.Names or IXLSWorksheet.Names property to return the Names collection.
Use the Add method to create a name and add it to the collection.
The Add method's RefersTo argument must be specified in A1-style notation, including dollar signs ($) where appropriate. For example, if cell A10 is selected on Sheet1 and you define a name by using the RefersTo argument '=sheet1!A1:B1', the new name actually refers to cells A10:B10 because you specified a relative reference). To specify an absolute reference, use '=sheet1!$A$1:$B$1'.
Use Names[index], where index is the name index number or defined name, to return a single Name object.



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