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IRangeColumn Interface

Represents a column. The IRangeColumn interface is a member of the IRangeColumns collection.

For a list of all members of this type, see IRangeColumn Members.

[Visual Basic]
ImplementsIRange, IEnumerable
publicinterfaceIRangeColumn:IRange, IEnumerable
public__gc__interfaceIRangeColumn: publicIRange, IEnumerable
publicinterfaceIRangeColumnextendsIRange, IEnumerable


Use the IRangeColumns.Item property to return the IRangeColumn interface.

Use the IRange.Columns property to return the IRangeColumns collection.


This example changes the width of the second column.

 IRangeColumn col = book.Worksheets[1].Range.Columns[2];
 col.ColumnWidth = 15;
 Dim col As IRangeColumn = book.Worksheets(1).Range.Columns(2)
 col.ColumnWidth = 15
 IRangeColumn* col = book->Worksheets->Item[1]->Range->Columns->Item[2];
 col->ColumnWidth = 15;   


Namespace: NativeExcel

Assembly: NativeExcel (in NativeExcel.dll)

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