NativeExcel for .Net Developer's Reference

NativeExcel Namespace

The NativeExcel namespace contains interfaces, classes and enumerations which define the NativeExcel.Net architecture.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ExportOptions Abstract base class for export options
ExportOptionsHtml Represents a set of export options for html format.
Factory NativeExcel Factory class provides static methods for creating instances of IWorkbook.
FormulaCompilerSettings Contains the formula compiler settings.
XlColorIndex Specifies the color index constants of a selected feature such as border, font, or fill.
XlOrientation Specifies the text orientation.


Interface Description
IBorder Represents the border of an object. The IBorder interface is a member of the IBorders collection.
IBorders Collection of four IBorder interfaces that represent the four borders of a Range. Use the Borders property to return the IBorders collection, which contains all four borders. Use Borders[index], where index identifies the border, to return a single IBorder interface.
ICharacters Represents characters in an object that contains text. It lets you modify and format any sequence of characters contained in the full text string.
IColorFormat Represents the color of a one-color object, the foreground or background color of an object with a gradient or patterned fill. You can set colors to an explicit System.Drawing.Color value (by using the RGB property) or to a color in the color scheme (by using the SchemeColor property).
IComment Represents a cell comment.
IFillFormat Represents fill formatting for a shape.
IFont Contains the font attributes (font name, font size, color, and so on)
IHyperlink Represents a hyperlink. The IHyperlink interface is a member of the IHyperlinks collection.
IHyperlinks Represents the collection of hyperlinks for a worksheet or range. Each hyperlink is represented by an IHyperlink interface.
IInterior Represents the interior of range of cells.
ILineFormat Represents line formatting. For a shape with a border, this interface contains formatting information for the shape's border.
IName Represents a defined name for a range of cells.
INames A collection of all the defined name objects in the IWorkbook or IWorksheet. Each IName interface represents a defined name for a range of cells.
IOutline Represents an outline on a worksheet.
IPageBreak Represents a page break. The IPageBreak interface is a member of the IPageBreaks collection.
IPageBreaks A collection of page breaks within the print area. Each page break is represented by an IPageBreak interface.
IPageSetup Represents the page setup description. The IPageSetup interface contains all page setup attributes (margins, headers, footers, paper size, and so on) as properties.
IPalette Represents the workbook's color palette.
IPicture Represents a picture object.
IProtection Represents the various types of protection options available for a worksheet.
IRange Represents a cell, a selection of cells containing one contiguous block of cell range.
IRangeColumn Represents a column. The IRangeColumn interface is a member of the IRangeColumns collection.
IRangeColumns Represents a collection of columns.
IRangeRow Represents a row. The IRangeRow interface is a member of the IRangeRows collection.
IRangeRows Represents a collection of rows.
IShape Represents a shape object.
IShapes Represents the collection of shapes. Each shape is represented by an IShape interface.
IWorkbook Represents a Microsoft Excel workbook
IWorksheet Represents a worksheet. The IWorksheet interface is a member of the Worksheets collection. The Worksheets collection contains all the IWorksheet interfaces in a workbook.
IWorksheets A collection of all the IWorksheet interfaces in the specified workbook.


Enumeration Description
MsoLineDashStyle Specifies the dash style for a line.
MsoLineStyle Specifies the style for a line.
XlBordersIndex Specifies the border to be retrieved.
XlBorderWeight Specifies the weight of the border around a range.
XlDeleteShiftDirection Specifies how to shift cells to replace deleted cells.
XlEnableSelection Specifies what can be selected on the sheet.
XlFileFormat Specifies the file format when saving the spreadsheet.
XlHAlign Specifies the horizontal alignment for the object.
XlInsertShiftDirection Specifies the direction in which to shift cells during an insertion.
XlLineStyle Specifies the line style for the border.
XlOrder Specifies the page order when the worksheet is printed.
XlPageOrientation Specifies the order in which page orientation when the worksheet is printed.
XlPaperSize Specifies the size of the paper.
XlPasteType Specifies the part of the range to be pasted.
XlPattern Specifies the interior pattern of a range.
XlReadingOrder Specifies the reading order for the specified object.
XlReferenceStyle Specifies the reference style.
XlSheetVisibility Specifies whether the object is visible.
XlSummaryColumn Specifies the location of the summary columns in the outline.
XlSummaryRow Specifies the location of the summary rows in the outline.
XlUnderlineStyle Specifies the type of underline applied to a font.
XlVAlign Specifies the vertical alignment for the object.
XlWindowView Specifies the view showing in the window.