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PBRegExp is the library that allows you to use Regular Expressions in your PowerBuilder applications. This library is comletelly written in pure PowerScript.
PBRegExp works with PowerBuilder 5,6,7,8 and 9
Regular expressions provide a powerful, flexible, and efficient method for processing text. The extensive pattern-matching notation of regular expressions allows you to quickly parse text to find or replace specific character patterns.
Regular expressions are an indispensable tool for user input validation, HTML processing, log file parsing etc.


PBRegExp incorporate the most popular features of other regular expression implementations (Perl, awk etc.):
  • Quantifiers
  • Grouping constructs
  • Alternation constructs
  • Backreference constructs
  • Character classes
  • Regular expression modifiers
  • Atomic zero-width assertion
  • Zero-width look-ahead assertion
  • Zero-width look-behind assertion
  • Substitutions
See "Regular expression syntax" chapter for more information.
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